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There are new requirements that have come up concerning the OSHA forklift training which should be adhered to especially when you are undergoing training to be a forklift, expert.

The new standard requirements

Who should be conducting the training?

The training should be done by people who have all the necessary knowledge, experience and training that is necessary for them to be able to train a forklift operator who is also known as a powered industrial truck operator. This person should also be able to evaluate the competence of the workers as well as conduct a full evaluation which should be done together with the training.

What the OSHA rule states

The law provided by OSHA clearly states that assessment and training shall be conducted by people who have the necessary experience, knowledge and training capabilities to be able to train forklift operators as well as be able to evaluate how competent they are.

Once the training process is complete, the organization or company which was conducting it should be able to provide evidence that an employee has successfully undergone training. It is also important to note that each employer should make an effort to ensuring that a forklift operator is competent enough to operate such a machine which should be done after the evaluation and training are complete.

Some very general training requirements

The new standards that have been set require that all employers should not only develop but also implement a training program that should be based on the principles mentioned below according to The Forklift Academy

Operation of trucks safely    

  • The hazards that are going to be created in the workplace by the person who is using the vehicles
  • The type of vehicles which is been used
  • How a particular operator has demonstrated his or her ability to operate safely the vehicle
  • The general safety requirements that have been provided by OSHA
  • The skills and knowledge that the operator has before the operation of a vehicle
  • The general rules for evaluation and training

Below are some of the things that should take place:

  • There should be practical training which should be done in form of exercises and demonstrations
  • Formal training in form of a video, lectures or using a computer
  • An employer should properly evaluate the performance of each operator. This should be done at least once in every three years.
  • An employer must be able to certify that each of his operators has received and completed training
  • Before an employer lets his or her workers operate a truck, he or she should ensure that the operator in question is competent enough to be able to operate safely a vehicle.

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